QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop, Which Will you Choose?

When it comes to choosing which QuickBooks platform you will use it is a good idea to see what meets your business needs. I personally use QuickBooks Online for my business and all my clients businesses. On occasion I will use the desktop version. But I love QuickBooks Online because I can access it from anywhere and it is so easy to use.

QuickBooks Desktop has been around longer, therefore more developed in its features. But Intuit has developed great features in the online version so companies needing Advance features can use it. For example, custom fields can be used in every transaction and report in the Advance subscription of QuickBooks Online.

When you think about what you track in your business, firstly, you think about what comes in (Sales), secondly, what goes out (Expenses), in addition to the reports to see those inputs and outputs. As a result, we will analyze and compare the 3 main components in QuickBooks which are:

  • The Customer Center
  • The Vendor Center
  • The Reporting Center

However, please keep in mind we are not comparing the subscriptions or versions of QuickBooks. Most importantly, lets compare the 3 main centers of QuickBooks so you can choose the QuickBooks Platform that meets your Business needs or that you may prefer.

The Customer Center

The customer center is where you keep all your customers information and transactions. It is a place to track your projects for your clients and a place to keep notes. You can invoice your client, apply a payment or give a client a credit. But the center in QuickBooks Desktop is different than in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online

  • Re label your customers
  • Automatic Recurring Invoicing
  • Progress Billing
  • Track job profitability in the Project Center
  • Track by location

QuickBooks Desktop

  • More input fields for customer info
  • Advance Invoice Customization
  • Industry Specific Invoice Templates
  • Sales Orders

The Vendor Center

Similarly, in the Vendor center you can hold all of the information for the suppliers and contractors you do business with. Along with a list of your expenses. In addition, you can make notes about the vendor and you can attached your source documents. Therefore, in this center you can enter expenses, bills, credit memos and checks in this center.

QuickBooks Online

  • Easily create transaction rules
  • Add vendors on the fly
  • Add expenses through bank feeds
  • Advance search feature
  • Track expenses in the Project Center
  • Email receipts and bills into QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop

  • Has the Other List
  • Advance Purchase Order set up
  • Advance Job Costing
  • Advance Inventory Management

QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop Reporting Center

When it comes to reports both platforms have great reports. Both offer strong accounting features to produce various types of reports. However, one has more features and is more customizable and the other has more automations and it is easier to learn and use. However, both can provide the following reports.

  • Financial Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • Budgets
  • Company Snapshots
  • Expense Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • And much more

To sum up, QuickBooks Desktop is more developed in its features. On the other hand it does not provide access wherever you are unless you have a cloud hosting program. As a result that is why I choose QuickBooks Online. So, which one will you choose?