QuickBooks is easy to set up and easy to use. However, it is still a comprehensive accounting system and having a basic understanding of accounting is helpful.

But if bookkeeping and accounting are not your strong suit, I am hear to support you and provide the help and training you need. Setting up your QuickBooks file and learning how to use it from the very start will help you avoid mistakes.

Training is the best thing you can do to ensure you start and stay on track with your business finances. 



I Help small business owners and new QuickBooks users understand their QuickBooks File so they can run their Business with Confidence.

60-minutes virtual QuickBooks Training – $80

This session is through zoom to go over your QuickBooks questions and concerns about your file. You can learn about billing, payroll, sales tax, bank reconciliation, and much more


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QuickBooks Review – $150

With a QuickBooks Review you can make sure your account is set up correctly. You will also be notified of any issues in your file. 

Get a written analysis of your General File, Income and Expense accounts. This service includes a 15-minute phone consultation. Please Note: I do not change anything in your file.

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Mini Course

How to Reconcile PayPal with QuickBooks Online

About Your QuickBooks Trainer

Liz Callejas

Bookkeeper/QuickBooks Pro-Advisor

Helping small business owners understand QuickBooks

“As a bookkeeper for small businesses it is important to me that you get to know your business through QuickBooks. So I started creating videos on How To, Tips & Tricks to share with my clients. I knew others would benefit as well. That is how I started my YouTube Channel. There are various tutorials on this website and also my YouTube Channel. I encourage you to subscribe for tips on how to use QuickBooks. I hope that you find the answers to your QuickBooks questions here.” –  Liz


Liz was a lifesaver! Working through a tough clean-up and she was able to give me direction on where to start. She sent me a personalized video to help with a specific problem I had. Thank you, Liz! Going to be using you again real soon!

Lys Lee

I booked a 1 on 1 zoom meeting with Liz because I had some questions about QuickBooks. I saw a couple of her videos on YouTube and decided to book a meeting on her website. Liz was very professional and answered all my questions. She helped me with all the queries I had regarding QuickBooks Online and she even went the extra mile and recorded the zoom call so I could use it as a refresher every month I do my books. Thanks!

Roberto Baltazar

So grateful to have found Liz through her YouTube channel! She is a wealth of information, super responsive and extremely helpful. Would Highly recommend her services.

Kareli Wenrich
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Respect my Privacy and keep sessions confidential?

Yes I respect your privacy and I keep our sessions confidential. I only record our sessions per your request and when I send you a copy of the video it is through a secure link that only you have access to. As an accounting professional and entrepreneur myself I put this in top priority.

How many Questions can I ask during our session?

You can ask as many questions as we can cover in a 60 Minute Session.

I have a lot of bookkeeping to do. Can you help?

That is a very good question. It is very hard to do bookkeeping in a 60 Minute session. My trainings are designed for questions and answers or to show you how to do something rather than to do clean up or catch up work. If you need any of these two services I can provide you with a clean-up quote.

Do you offer Training Packages?

Because I have a bookkeeping business my time is very limited and it varies. So at this time I can only offer 60 Minute trainings. I will consider adding packages in the future.

What if you can't answer my questions?

If I can’t answer your question I will do the research and send you the answer. If I see that others can benefit from the answer to the question, I may due a video of your question and upload it to YouTube.

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